NASCAR Deal with bad Weather conditions ahead of the Clash


NASCAR Deal with bad Weather conditions ahead of the Clash


Busch Light Clash 2024: NASCAR tackles weather Issues


NASCAR fans are excited about the upcoming 2024 season, which is quickly approaching. The highly anticipated Cup Series will begin in Los Angeles, California, at The Coliseum with the dramatic race Busch Light Clash. It is the first unofficial race of the new season, and the points do not count toward the regular season. However, as the New Year approaches, NASCAR is already dealing with a weather concern.

According to the prediction, Los Angeles, California will receive one inch of rain during the day and one to two inches of rainfall at night on Sunday. At the Busch Light Clash, NASCAR is permitted to use wet weather tires. Nevertheless; the cars won't have lights, rain flaps, or wipers in 2024, which means they won't be able to race in the rain. The tires are designed to be used in damp conditions.

Therefore, all NASCAR can do is hope and pray that the rain stops. The sport may continue for a few more days, but things don't seem good. It is predicted that Tuesday will have one inch of rain, and Monday will see roughly 1.5 inches. Though there's always a chance of weather changes, NASCAR could have to wait a bit longer for the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum to start.

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